• Handmade custom beanies
  • Machine-knitted pompom beanies
  • Handmade headwear
  • Boax Clothing: Handmade custom beanies & limited edition apparel
  • Machine-knitted beanies
  • Handmade headwear

Looking for a batch of high-quality machine-knitted beanies or headbands for your company, club or team? Boax Clothing is happy to announce all-new options for what we can supply to you. In short, anything you like!

Customisation options include:

  • Fit & dimensions (short, baggy or in between, turn-up possible, height of headbands)
  • Knit weight (fine, medium, chunky)
  • Pattern & colours (plain, stripes, text or logos incorporated into the knit)
  • Pompoms (single or mixed colours)
  • Branding (text/logos in the knit or printed/woven labels attached to bottom edge)
  • Interior custom branded care labels

With a minimum production quantity of just 50 per style and the price lists below, these items can make a great addition to your product range or serve as valuable promotional items.

  • Headbands: 50 @ £8.25; 100 @ £7.50; 200 @ £7.00 each
  • Beanies: 50 @ £9.25; 100 @ £8.50; 200 @ £8.00 each
  • Pompoms: £0.75 each
  • Custom interior care labels: £0.25 each
  • Exterior branded labels: Printed labels £0.25 each, woven labels £0.35-0.45 each (minimum production quantity 350)

Please get in touch to discuss your order and let us take care of the rest.