Handmade custom beanies by Boax Clothing - see a live preview of your beanie before buying

It’s been another really fun summer in Boax Clothing HQ, Chamonix.  We are skiers first and foremost but the mountains here provide so many other opportunities in the summer (mainly mountain biking for us) that it’s nice to just forget about the snow for six months and enjoy it to the fullest.  Things have been a bit colder lately with some snow above 2000m but we’re making the most of the autumn lifts and not ready to put the bikes away for winter just yet!

To help the time pass bit more quickly Lorne has been working hard on Boax Clothing website over the past few weeks and everything is now scaling much nicer on mobile devices.  And most importantly our interactive design system for handmade custom beanies and handmade custom headbands is now functional on mobile devices, so everyone can now benefit from seeing a live realistic preview of their beanie or headband before buying.

So have a play with the system (check out the RANDOMISE button if you’re stuck for ideas), share your designs, and get your orders in for the winter ahead!