Centrepoint's 2014 SLEEP OUT event

Centrepoint UK‘s SLEEP OUT event took place at the start of the month and Boax Clothing were proud to supply them with 600 promotional beanies.  After supplying a small batch of beanies to Centrepoint in 2012 we were excited to show them the new options for fully customised branded beanies and worked out a design based on their input.

The SLEEP OUT event saw 1200 people sleep outdoors in 4 urban venues across the UK to raise awareness of the realities facing young homeless people while sleeping rough.  Thanks to some involvement from various celebrities, a lot of hard work from the organisers, and (hopefully) the promotional items supplied by us and others £300,000 was raised for the cause.  Good work everyone!  See the Guardian’s video coverage of the event here.

Centrepoint is a London-based charity which focuses on providing young homeless people with housing, health and education support.

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