Custom branded beanies for Chamonix startup NIVOSE GEAR

We’re proud to announce that Boax Clothing is supplying local Chamonix startup brand NIVOSE GEAR with custom branded beanies as part of their Kickstarter launch campaign.  Their product range focuses on bringing mitts back into popularity on the mountain; they’re stacked with features and the production models we checked out are top quality.

The Nivose beanies are a standard baggy-fit beanie with the Nivose logo woven into the outside, with an option to wear it with a turn-up to reveal the Nivose text logo.  Just a taste of what is possible with our new customisation options for branded beanie batches.

Looking for a batch of custom beanies for your own brand or group?  Check out our updated branded beanie batches page for a taste of what is possible and get in touch to discuss your requirements.