Merino wool handmade custom beanies by Boax Clothing

We’re very happy to announce that all of our handmade custom headwear items are now available in 100% merino wool.  Our regular handmade items are made with 100% acrylic yarn, which is an excellent hard-wearing material in a very large range of colours, but if you’re looking for the very best or are just a fan of natural fibres then the merino option may be for you.

Merino is a breed of sheep native to mountainous regions and as such it produces an exceptionally fine fleece which is ideal for use in mountain sports clothing.  Items made from merino wool are very warm (even when wet), cool in summer (due to its breathability), non-itchy and do not hold odours.  We’re massive fans of 100% merino baselayers and midlayers while skiing for these reasons and now can offer the same benefits in our handmade custom headwear.  Our handmade items have always used a tight stitch for warmth a durability – which separates them from many alternatives on the market which are made quickly with a looser knit – but with the finer merino wool an even tighter stitch is used, making what we believe to be the very best product on the market today.

The 100% merino wool option is now available on the interactive design systems for handmade custom beanies, headbands and neckwarmers so have a look and check out a real-time realistic preview of your items before buying.