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Boax Clothing


The time has come, and it is with mixed emotions that I announce the closure of the Boax Clothing shop.

I started Boax Clothing back in 2006 as a little project and something to keep me busy while recovering from illness and never imagined that it would grow into the brand it became and provide my full time winter work for several years while teaching me so much. But times change and it’s time to focus on other things so I have decided to shut the doors now and be able to look back at Boax with fond memories.

Thanks a lot to everyone who was involved with the brand over the years, from those involved directly in the business, the team members, the returning customers of batch orders, and most of all to anyone who bought a beanie or slapped a sticker on their gear.


Lorne Cameron, founder

Boax Clothing: Gift vouchers available, valid for all items in store including handmade custom beanies and our full clothing range

Last-minute Christmas present? Shopping for someone who has everything? Or just too lazy to leave the house?  Well look no further than a Boax Clothing gift voucher. Vouchers are available from £10 to £100 and are valid on all shop items including handmade custom beanies and our full clothing range. Your voucher will be emailed to you, so no problem for late Christmas orders; just print or email the voucher to the lucky recipient.

Handmade custom beanies by Boax Clothing - see a live preview of your beanie before buying

It’s been another really fun summer in Boax Clothing HQ, Chamonix.  We are skiers first and foremost but the mountains here provide so many other opportunities in the summer (mainly mountain biking for us) that it’s nice to just forget about the snow for six months and enjoy it to the fullest.  Things have been a bit colder lately with some snow above 2000m but we’re making the most of the autumn lifts and not ready to put the bikes away for winter just yet!

To help the time pass bit more quickly Lorne has been working hard on Boax Clothing website over the past few weeks and everything is now scaling much nicer on mobile devices.  And most importantly our interactive design system for handmade custom beanies and handmade custom headbands is now functional on mobile devices, so everyone can now benefit from seeing a live realistic preview of their beanie or headband before buying.

So have a play with the system (check out the RANDOMISE button if you’re stuck for ideas), share your designs, and get your orders in for the winter ahead!

Centrepoint's 2014 SLEEP OUT event

Centrepoint UK‘s SLEEP OUT event took place at the start of the month and Boax Clothing were proud to supply them with 600 promotional beanies.  After supplying a small batch of beanies to Centrepoint in 2012 we were excited to show them the new options for fully customised branded beanies and worked out a design based on their input.

The SLEEP OUT event saw 1200 people sleep outdoors in 4 urban venues across the UK to raise awareness of the realities facing young homeless people while sleeping rough.  Thanks to some involvement from various celebrities, a lot of hard work from the organisers, and (hopefully) the promotional items supplied by us and others £300,000 was raised for the cause.  Good work everyone!  See the Guardian’s video coverage of the event here.

Centrepoint is a London-based charity which focuses on providing young homeless people with housing, health and education support.

Looking for a batch of beanies for your event, brand, team, or club?  Check out some more examples of what Boax Clothing can offer on our branded beanies page.

Custom branded beanies for Chamonix startup NIVOSE GEAR

We’re proud to announce that Boax Clothing is supplying local Chamonix startup brand NIVOSE GEAR with custom branded beanies as part of their Kickstarter launch campaign.  Their product range focuses on bringing mitts back into popularity on the mountain; they’re stacked with features and the production models we checked out are top quality.

The Nivose beanies are a standard baggy-fit beanie with the Nivose logo woven into the outside, with an option to wear it with a turn-up to reveal the Nivose text logo.  Just a taste of what is possible with our new customisation options for branded beanie batches.

Looking for a batch of custom beanies for your own brand or group?  Check out our updated branded beanie batches page for a taste of what is possible and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Once again, Boax Clothing‘s Austrian wonderkid Mario Wanger had an amazing winter last year and here’s his full season segment to prove it, with a nice mix of park, jibs, powder kickers and natural features.

Good work Mario; we’re looking forward to the next one!

Neckwarmers/Facemasks now available from Boax Clothing

Here we go, a brand new product for winter 13/14 in very limited numbers by popular request.  We’ve been experimenting with neckwarmers for a while but have finally been able to make the ideal product after teaming up with some local friends and sourcing some great fabrics.

Made with love right here in Chamonix, our new neckwarmers employ the finest tech fabrics to keep you warm and dry on the hill.  Using a wind and water-resistant outer layer and microfleece lining, they’re low-bulk but built to perform.  A simple velcro fastening at the rear means one-size-fits-all and there’s a mouth vent built in to ensure easy breathing when the windchill kicks in and you need full facial protection.  But keep it classy kids; you’ll look a right fanny cruising around the hill with your face covered if it’s a warm sunny day!

So take a look at the initial range of limited colours available in the updated headwear section of the Boax Clothing store now.

Neckwarmers available now from Boax Clothing